Amanda Whitlock

Events and Wellbeing

Amanda is an experienced Wellbeing and Mental Health trainer and consultant. Accredited by Mental Health First Aid England, she provides both MHFA-Accredited and bespoke training. For individuals who want to look after their own mental health and maintain their wellbeing, Amanda provides training, together with the toolkits to enable them to have the relevant conversations about mental health and wellbeing.

Amanda also helps business owners and managers looking to provide the correct support for employees, and provides online and face to face courses to enable every workplace to provide the right environment and support for their staff. She also provides support around implementing policies and procedures which support workplace wellbeing.

Amanda is passionate about facilitating training for anyone who wishes to increase their understanding about mental health. For 15 years, Amanda worked in the charity sector providing strategic management and business development. Prior to founding her business, she was National Wellbeing Manager for a charity which specialized in providing advice, guidance and support for older people. Amanda’s company provides resources and training in mental health to corporate and individuals alike across the UK. Amanda is Founder and Managing Director of Total Wellbeing Matters.