Venue: Texas Rocks, Yeovil

Date: 13th Jun 2019

Time: 18:00

Member Price: £17.00

Regular Price: £20.00

Texas Rocks Secrets to Public Speaking

Our guest speaker for this event will be Steve Graham DTM.

In and around his day job 'Internet Mentor' where he helps people with their websites and social media strategies, Steve is a member of Toastmasters. Toastmaster is an internationally reconised training group where members practice public speaking, improve their communication and build leadership skills. Steve is reconised as a Distinguished Toastmaster, the highest reconised qualification, making him the equivalent of a Jedi when it comes to public speaking.

In his interactive talk Steve will attempt to break down peoples fear of public speaking, offer numerous tips and advice he's built up over the years. But more importantly he will be on hand to answer any questions you have about public speaking, presenting or any form of communication skills you need within business.

The event will be held at the fantastic venue of Texas Rocks in Yeovil town center with a main and dessert of your choice.

*The menu for this event will be sent a week before the event date for preorders.

We welcome all young professionals and also anyone who is new to the networking scene and wants to learn how to get the best that you can from any networking event.

What is Young Yeovil Chamber?

Young Yeovil Chamber group was formed in 2013.

Chamber recognises that Yeovil has a growing number of young professionals and entrepreneurs across all sectors of industry and commerce. The purpose of YYCC is to encourage those who are young and/or new to business in the Yeovil area to take their first steps to taking an active role in their business community.

YYCC organises social, informal networking events, usually with an experienced speaker from the local business community talking on a topical subject.  This in turn provides a regular meeting environment for young professionals to share best practice, and socialise together.