Hire Train Motivate Retain


Venue: Porter Dodson Yeovil, Yeovil

Date: 07th Feb 2019

Time: 08:15

Member Price: £5.92

Regular Price: £5.92

The candidates just aren’t out there’, ‘there isn’t anyone with the right skills’, ‘just as they get good, they leave’.

Does this sound familiar? If recruitment and retention of staff is a problem for your business too, we are putting on a seminar you can’t afford to miss.

Your workforce is one of your biggest assets, but do you understand how to attract the best applicants and, crucially, keep them? Let us explain it to you and deliver practical solutions designed to drive your business forward.

Speakers from Porter Dodson will be joined by guests from Judgement Index. We’ll be offering you an alternative approach to making the most of your staff.

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