President’s Heartbeat - w/c 15th January 2017

One of our member businesses hit the jackpot this week.  Yeovil Town Football Club found themselves, once again, drawn to play Manchester United at Huish Park, in the FA Cup.  The FA Cup fourth round game will be transmitted live on BBC1 on the evening of Friday 26th January, and the football club will benefit from a massive pay-check that will come with the media attention created by the arrival in town of the global brand that is Manchester United.  Also; several thousand people from elsewhere will descend upon the town to attend the game.  Due to the time of year and the timing of the game, most will arrive and depart in the hours of darkness, but some may stay overnight, and maybe sample our hospitality.  The talking heads on the TV can talk until they run out of words, but when that whistle blows to start the game, anything can happen.  Dave Mills, Commercial Manager at the club, is hoping for a draw, with the lucrative win or lose replay at Old Trafford.  Me? I would love to see Yeovil prevail at Huish Park.  Victory drives the folklore and long-term legacy.  Yeovil Town FC and the town, dined out for decades following their 1948 slaying of (then) first division giants Sunderland.  A victory over Manchester United, though unlikely, would re-ignite the Yeovil Town giant-killing legacy; but whatever happens, our football club is once again putting Yeovil on the map.  Come on you Greens!

Released on 15/01/2018