President’s Heartbeat - w/c 21nd January 2017

This week I met with Gregg Morrison, Head at Preston Academy.  We discussed at length, the future of Yeovil and how schools and industry must stand side by side to ensure the skillset of our students fulfils the needs of our local business sector.  As former chair of a local school governing body, I know that the UK curriculum does not deliver life skills, preferring to go down the somewhat divisive route which is all about A-C grades, and league tables.  This ethos is damaging to our future skills supply and ignores the real-life requirements for our most valuable resource - our children.  To counter this, since 2015, Yeovil Chamber has worked closely and successfully with Yeovil College to support students and help employers align the curriculum with the local skills requirements.  To expand and develop this concept, and bring local education and industry seamlessly together, Yeovil Chamber is now offering a bespoke mentoring service to the Yeovil Academies.  I have delivered mentoring sessions, and found them to be some of the most rewarding experiences in my business career.  Simply register your interest and potential availability with me, at  When an Academy contacts Yeovil Chamber with a mentoring requirement, we may contact you, to arrange a pro-bono visit.  All you have to do is turn up and be yourself, to support and empower our children as they prepare to take their first steps into the world of employment.

Released on 23/01/2018