President’s Heartbeat - 9th April 2018

A membership survey is about to hit your screens, and Chamber is seeking your valued input.  Yeovil Chamber is seeking to develop a manageable budget to enhance member services and experience; to become the leading representative body for the business sector in the expanding sphere of influence in and around Yeovil.  We are focused on maximising opportunities and maintaining value for your money, with long-term, sound reasons for membership.

Bold words?  Wind the clock back five years.  All we had was a (large) wish-list, and a town beating itself up.  Now, fast forward to today; joined-up thinking, openness and cooperation is prevailing.  Public and private-sector investment, and the promise of a bright future beckons.  Strong local and regional strategic connections and cooperation between the private and public sector requires Chamber to deliver greater support for our members.

Yeovil Chamber currently runs on a tiny annual budget of around £11,500.  Sponsorship and patronage campaigns are beginning to bring additional revenue, but we are (for the first time since 2013) having to review our membership fees.  During 2017 we invested heavily in website upgrades, adding new features, such mobile-friendly format, a self-load news and events facility, and online Member 2 Member discount scheme, plus more communications to keep members informed.  We also want to start promoting Yeovil, to attract more out-of-town businesses and commercial investment into Yeovil.

To enable Chamber to deliver more for you, your business and Yeovil, a membership fee increase is inevitable, but Chamber needs your input and support before we make any change.  I want to ensure Chamber continues to deliver maximum value for your money; that you have sound reasons to belong, and keep Yeovil Chamber at the leading edge of trade & commerce for Yeovil and its expanding sphere of influence.

Thank you for your continued support for Yeovil Chamber.  If you have any issues, questions, or ideas, please contact me on 07900-491211 or

Released on 09/04/2018