Yeovil Chamber News Articles Copyright 23rd Jan 2019 - 18:01 by Yeovil Chamber <![CDATA[President's Heartbeat – w/c 18th January]]> ‘Brexit’ – A Statement From Yeovil Chamber

“It is now two and half years since the referendum and we appear to be no further forward.  Whatever your political persuasion, the 15th January vote signified a fundamental lack of leadership on the part of all the mainstream political parties.  Uncertainty is bad and costly for business.  There was uncertainty going into the vote and there is even more uncertainty now.  The damage to business and the wider economy is therefore only likely to increase.  Yeovil is blessed with industry of all types.  It is a very important regional manufacturing and exporting hub on which very many jobs rely.  What those businesses – big and small - now require is a comprehensive plan which will avoid the complications associated with a no-deal Brexit.

Yeovil Chamber of Commerce calls upon all members of Parliament, and our local parliamentary representatives in particular, to ensure that this is achieved as a matter of utmost urgency.  Whatever their personal views, the obligation of our elected representatives must now be to put the national interest first.  This cannot be achieved by continued in-fighting, playing party politics or ignoring the voice of business on which the future prosperity of us all relies.”

The Yeovil Chamber statement echoes the national feeling:  Dr Adam Marshall, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, said: “There are no more words to describe the frustration, impatience, and growing anger amongst business after two and a half years on a high-stakes political rollercoaster ride that shows no sign of stopping.  Basic questions on real-world operational issues remain unanswered, and firms now find themselves facing the unwelcome prospect of a messy and disorderly exit from the EU on March 29th.  The overriding priority for both government and Parliament must now be to avoid the clear danger that a ‘no deal’ exit on the 29th of March would pose to businesses and communities across the UK. Every second that ticks by sees more businesses spending money on unwanted changes, activating contingency plans or battening down the hatches and halting investment, as they try to anticipate a future that is no clearer now than it was at the time of the referendum result.  Businesses will take a dim view of more shuttle diplomacy and last-minute bargaining, which have so far done nothing to end the political impasse. The government must now urgently set out in concrete terms what it will do to avoid the damage that a messy and disorderly exit on March 29th would cause to businesses, communities, and the UK economy.”

If you have any views on Brexit, please email and your concerns will be forwarded directly to our representative for Yeovil at Westminster, Marcus Fysh MP.

If you would like more information on the benefits of Yeovil Chamber membership, which ensures you have a voice, and keeps you up to speed with Brexit and other business related issues, go to or email

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<![CDATA[Blueloop’s ‘Jolly Jumper Day and Cake Sale’ for St Margaret’s Hospice Xmas Day]]> Blueloop staff all contributed and took part in the ‘Jolly Jumper Day and Cake Sale’ the last week before Xmas.

Staff baked and sold a range of cakes including Dorset Apple Cake and Coffee & Walnut Cake which were either sold and the proceeds donated to the Hospice and any unsold were taken for the staff to enjoy that afternoon.   The staff also changed their normal corporate wear and brighten the office with festive colours for the ‘Jolly Jumper Day’.  The proceeds from both events during the week totalled £35.50 and were donated to the Hospice for the benefit of the patients and their family during xmas day.

Pay for Christmas Day 2018 was organised to help continue provide high quality care to patients and their families facing a life limiting illness during Christmas.  More can be found at:-

‘We were delighted to be supporting St Margarets Hospice again this year and always a pleasure to help such a worth while cause.  The Directors and Staff at Blueloop are really great at supporting our fund raising events for which we really appreciate’ commented Julie Grant, Sales and Marketing Manager at Blueloop. 

St Margaret’s Hospice purpose is to provide “High Quality responsive care to patients and their families facing a life shortening illness” and their vision is “a community in which all dying people and those close to them have access to appropriate care and support, when they need it, wherever they need it and whoever they are”.

Blueloop Limited, formed in 2000, are an IT and Cyber Security company based in Yeovil who provide services to companies both in the South West and UK with 23 staff.  

<![CDATA[President's Heartbeat – w/c 3rd December]]> Weston MercuryThe November 2017 arrival in Yeovil of a new Chief Inspector for Avon & Somerset Police is another pivotal appointment, contributing to the positive change occurring in Yeovil.  As usual, this is about the personality as much as it is the organisation they represent, a key factor in the recent success stories coming out of Yeovil.  CI Sharon Baker (pictured) is personable and passionate and wants to make a difference.  We have quickly established a dialogue, and Sharon’s presence on the Love Yeovil team has introduced her to the steadily growing number of shop owners and managers driving and embracing change, and attracting new businesses, investment, and footfall to the town centre.

Sharon already pro-actively works with Yeovil Chamber, Love Yeovil, town centre business groups, and the local authority.  In little more than twelve months, Sharon and her team has achieved much.  Prior to her promotion, Sharon helped secure the UK-recognised Purple Flag night time economy accreditation for Weston Super Mare in 2015, and on 20th November, Sharon chaired a stakeholder meeting, which I attended, to kick-off the Purple Flag application process for Yeovil, a move which can only bring positive benefits to the night time economy.


Evidence of Sharon and her team’s work has already materialised.  In the wake of recent County Lines drug-related knife incidents, arrests and convictions resulted in a total of twenty-one years’ jail time; some for offenders from Yeovil.  Also; look out for officers popping up at random locations on the street and in coffee shops, armed with iPads, creating a visible presence, and able to respond; their iPads allowing them to keep up with their paperwork, without the need to return to the station…which after much speculation is confirmed as staying, and will be refurbished to align the facility with 21st century policing methods, and show ‘where the police live’ in Yeovil.  Sharon and her team are on Twitter @ASPYeovil and at  PC Dan Crawford is already working on a regular newsletter for the retail and night time town centre community, and Sergeant Andy Whelpton will visit shops in the town to encourage businesses to link with social media and the police website, issue a paper copy of the police contact details and discuss how to interact with the police team.

If you are the manager/owner of a Yeovil business wanting to take part in what is happening in Yeovil, please email me at

Picture credit: Weston Mercury


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<![CDATA[President's Heartbeat - w/c 26th November]]> President's Heartbeat – 26th November 2018

Following on from our work with Somerset County Council Highways, I have now added public transport to my to-do list.  Since the mid-20th century, successive UK Governments have pandered to our love affair with our cars, and continue to kick the can down the road on a ticking time-bomb.  Road traffic systems require upgrading to cope with today’s demands; but ironically, and by the mid-21st Century, our transport needs and means will have changed beyond all recognition.  The advent of driverless, airborne and other technologies, along with a trend towards living and working in town centres will likely witness a decline in the use of roads, just as surely as the railways put the canals out of business in the late 19th century.

If this possible future arrives without prior investment in rural public transport, towns like Yeovil, with out-of-town-centre rail stations and declining bus services into/from surrounding areas, are at risk of becoming isolated, just as surely as the small villages which rely upon larger towns like Yeovil.  Public transport in rural areas is just as critical as urban demand, but for very different reasons.

HM Government focus and funding needs to change; from supporting demand, to cost-effective access – for all - to ensure urban and rural areas are adequately connected.  I have already had informal discussion with one of our local bus operators, which I intend to follow up with SSDC, and have begun a dialogue with South Western Railways, which in 2017, took on the seven-year franchise for the rail services through Yeovil and between Exeter and Waterloo.  Away from London and the Solent, SWR runs a predominantly rural network, and seeks funding to improve services and infrastructure, but currently needs to demonstrate demand to bid successfully for money.

If you feel you are being let down by public transport, don’t knock our rural operators – they are just trying to deliver a service and running a business, with funding based on demand, and which currently comes a poor third to urban public transport and private road travel.  If your business is affected by rising public transport costs and the decline in services, contact me at

<![CDATA[Eco Friendly Ceres continues]]> As demand has grown we have now added more refills lines. Our customers can now refill shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

We are committed to reducing the amount of plastic in-store and will continue to add more eco friendly lines.

<![CDATA[Battens Expands its Property Team with New Appointment]]>

Battens has announced the appointment of conveyancer, Katie Hannigan, to its Property Team.

Katie, who came to Somerset from Lincolnshire after short stints working in the equine and superbike industry, officially entered Law seven years ago and has worked in conveyancing ever since. “The race team brought me to Somerset originally and I completely fell in love with the area so decided to stay and focus on my career in law." “I work well under pressure and thrive in the fast-paced environment of conveyancing. I also really enjoy the history behind properties and the relationships that develop between solicitor and client. Moving house can be an extremely stressful time and many of my clients become like friends, so it’s always a great feeling to be able to tell them that contracts have been exchanged on their new home and they have a fixed date for getting their keys.”

Katie is working full time whilst studying for her CILEx (Chartered Institute of Legal Executives) qualification. She then hopes to become more involved in equestrian and agricultural property so she can combine her previous equine business management experience with property law. Katie is also looking forward to contributing to the achievements of the firm’s growing property team. “Securing that final part of my qualification is incredibly important to me as, although I have plenty of experience, I am keen to finalise my qualification at Battens, become a Fellow of The Institute of Legal Executives, and to contribute towards the firm’s already extremely effective Property Team.”

Jill Cochrane, Head of Residential Property at Battens, said: "We are very glad to welcome Katie on board; her enthusiasm and experience will add another layer to our growing Property Team and we look forward to developing her talent and experience even further."

<![CDATA[Pardoes Solicitors has been recommended in the prestigious 2018-19 Legal 500 guide]]> Pardoes Solicitors has been recommended in the prestigious Legal 500 guide for 2018-19, the leading guide to law firms in the UK.

In this independent annual review Pardoes are recommended at regional and national level for their work in Human Resources/Employment, Real Estate/Property Litigation and Private Client/Family. Four Partners are also highlighted in The Legal 500 United Kingdom 2018-19 editorial: Maeve Vickery, Partner & Head of Commercial & Employment, “provides advice to employers and employees on contentious and non-contentious employment matters, including TUPE transfers, restructures, reorganisations, redundancies and high level exits… with good, clear and responsive communications”; Bhavani Hogarty, Partner & Head of Property Litigation, “has handled professional negligence claims against architects and conveyancing professionals... and right of way and right to park disputes involving commercial and residential properties in London” demonstrating “exceptional client-care skills”; Amanda Shaw, Partner & Joint Head of Family “is noted for her expertise in child care law” and described as “very reliable and effective”; Moira Reynolds, Partner & Joint Head of Family “focuses on divorce and financial cases”. In addition Nigel Kinder is recommended for his work in Property Litigation with particular note for his expertise in agricultural land disputes.

Guy Adams, Pardoes’ Managing Partner, commented “We are delighted to be recognised nationally by the Legal 500 once again. We are a local firm looking after the communities in which we live and work and the Legal500 rankings acknowledge the strength, care and commitment of our team, which is why our clients choose us to help them, their families and their business.

The Legal 500 Series is widely acknowledged as the world’s largest legal referral guide. Carried out by a team of researchers who have unrivaled experience in the legal market and based on feedback from 300,000 clients worldwide, submissions from law firms, and interviews with private practice lawyers, they state; "The rankings are based on a series of criteria but, simply put, we highlight the practice area teams who are providing the most cutting edge and innovative advice."

<![CDATA[Eco Friendly Ceres]]> Eco-friendly Products.  As a healthfoods shop we try to be aware of the world we live in and recognise that we should all play our part in being environmentally friendly. We do this by selling products that are recyclable, natural, against animal testing, vegan and plastic free. This is especially the case in our Household cleaning section, in fact, all of the cleaning products we sell are eco-friendly products and contain natural ingredients. We stock products from Bio-D, Eco-over, Greenscents, Bio-nature and many more.

Bio-degradable plastic. Our own label product packaging is bio-degradable plastic, this helps us take an extra step to being eco-friendly. Bio-degradable plastics are plastics that should be compostable rather than landfill, as micro-organisms metabolise the plastic and break it down into water, carbon dioxide (CO²) and bio-material. The process requires a good temperature, humidity and naturally occurring bacteria which is not found in landfill. Bio-degradable plastics are plastics that can be broken down into water, carbon dioxide and bio-material. Bio-plastics are far more eco-friendly than the alternative plastics as they do not contain carbon, methane and other pollutants, so when broken down, they won’t release harmful gases into our atmosphere. There is some debate about the traces of metal that are found in some bio-plastics that when broken down can cause harm to the environment, however, there is little evidence to support this or show any significant impact to the environment.

Solar-panels.  We have a number of solar panels on our roof that helps generate our own electric. Our solar panel monitor which can be found in our right window display shows us how much electric we are producing, not only promoting renewable energy but reducing consumption from the national grid.

Bio-D refillable station.  At the back of our shop we have 4 Bio-D refill stations;•Laundry Liquid •Toilet Cleaner •Washing-up Liquid •Fabric softener This helps our customers be more environmentally friendly by reusing their plastic bottles.

Recycling.  Here at Ceres we try to recycle as much as we can. Most of our plastic bubble wrap gets reused or donated to charities. We recycle our paper and cardboard. We also accept our glass supplement bottles for recycling and give 25p per Viridian bottle given back to us. We also store and give back our Styrofoam chips and Protective foam nets. Tinkers Bubble and our local honey suppliers also take back any glass bottles to reuse.

<![CDATA[Battens Welcomes Property Dispute Resolution Specialist]]>

Battens Solicitors, one of the region’s largest law firms, has announced the appointment of Property Dispute Resolution specialist, Edward Thompson.

Edward, who completed his legal training at Battens in 2012 before relocating to London, has returned to the South West following a five year stint working in commercial and residential property dispute resolution at [two of the capital’s most respected law firms].

Although his expertise lies in property dispute resolution, his experience extends into other areas of dispute resolution, making him a valuable asset to Battens and its clients. "I specialise in property disputes, and regularly act for large scale developers, but I can also act for parents to resolve disputes relating to Special Educational Needs, Education Health and Care Plans, and school places,” explained Edward. "My job can be quite varied, but it always feels good to be able to help clients achieve their desired outcome and make an usually unhappy situation into a slightly more palatable one." "I am glad to come back to Battens and am looking forward to getting to know new clients whilst helping the firm expand further both geographically and in terms of their property law offering."

Ceri Stephens, Head of Property and Dispute Resolution at Battens Solicitors, said: "Edward will be a valuable member of staff who will be able to assist in Battens’ specialist property offering in an expanding and developing team."

<![CDATA[Local Businesses Raise £1,000 for West Dorset Motor Neurone Disease Association in Beach Volleyball ]]>

More than 200 professionals from businesses across the South West took to the beach to smash their way to victory in the annual fundraising beach volleyball tournament organised by Battens Solicitors. In what was a tightly contested competition, it was Parkers Estate Agents that finally won the crown‎, with Stratton Saxons as runners up.

Funds from entry fees and contributions from Battens Charitable Trust raised £1,000 for a local charity nominated by those that entered and chosen at random on the day. "We asked each team to nominate a charity of their choice ahead of the tournament and placed the names in a hat," explained Sarah Ford, from Battens Solicitors. "West Dorset Motor Neurone Disease Association‎, which was nominated by Team Spirare, was the charity drawn and it’s a great pleasure to be able to give them the £1,000 cheque.”‎

Louise Tattershall, director at Spirare said: "We didn’t win all of our games, but we had a very enjoyable evening, as we always do at Battens’ events, but what made it even better was that our chosen charity became the event’s beneficiary this year. “ “West Dorset Motor Neurone Disease Association‎ is a charity close to my heart; my mum was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in April 2014, and suffered terribly. It was heartbreaking for our family to watch and to not be able to do anything to help. It is fantastic that, through Spirare Ltd and Battens volleyball event, the West Dorset Motor Neurone Disease Association‎ will receive more funds. We hope there will be a breakthrough for the disease sometime very soon.”

MND is a progressive neurological disease which leads to increasing weakness and, ultimately, death within three to five years of diagnosis. West Dorset MND Association provides support and advice to patients and their families and is one of 90 branches of the MND Association throughout the UK. Richard Sloan, from West Dorset Motor Neurone Disease Association, said: “We are delighted to be the beneficiary of the tournament’s £1,000 donation and will use the funds to help pay for the free advice from our trained volunteers and to fund specialist support for MND sufferers including computerised communication devices, grants for home alterations and holidays."

To make a donation to MND visit For more information on Battens Charitable Trust or to make a donation please visit


Yeovil College has announced its first Information Evening of the academic year, which will take place on campus on Tuesday 9 October between 5pm and 7:30pm. The event will give everyone the opportunity to discover all the exciting things that have been happening across the College this year, including their 100% A Level pass rate for the third year running.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the qualifications available, ranging from part-time courses, full-time course, night school courses, Degree Level qualifications and Apprenticeship opportunities. With one of the most successful years on record, Yeovil College will be showing the public why and how they have achieved academic and vocational excellence throughout the year and how they look to further develop this achievement into next year. Yeovil College Principal, John Evans, and Vice Principal, Mark Bolton will both host talks about achieving outstand results, Yeovil College’s commitment to the future and their determination to build on their most successful year in history.

During this event, Yeovil College are offering on 45 minute ‘Pleased to Meet You’ taster sessions to inspire people to take a first step into their dream careers. The taster sessions are a great ‘try before you buy’ opportunity enabling visitors to get involved in the programme, try something they maybe haven’t experienced at school, meet peers with similar interests and in short, to simply have a go. The College will run ‘Pleased to Meet You’ taster sessions in: Engineering, Hospitality and Catering, Beauty Therapy, Sport, Construction, and Hairdressing. Within the Sport session you will have the chance to engage in a strength test and also have a go at the Watt bike challenge. In the Beauty Therapy session you will have the opportunity to create some media makeup. In Hairdressing you will have the chance to experiment with new and different hair styles. In Construction you will make yourself your very own wooden toolbox. In Hospitality you will be getting involved with an omelette making challenge.

The Information Evening will be hosted at Yeovil College’s Mudford Road campus which gives you the ideal chance to explore the incredible on-site facilities, including the helicopter, the beauty salon (Nexus), Kingston Sixth Form Centre, the on campus Da Vinci restaurant, who are offering free teas and coffees, the brand new Screwfix Trades Skills Centre, Leonardo’s Creative and Engineering Centre and the Bradford’s Construction Centre. John Evans, Principal of Yeovil College, said “The Information Evening is a delight to host. It gives all that attend the opportunity to find out what Yeovil College is all about and how it can support them. This year we have further progressed our incredible success story gaining a 100% pass rate in A Levels for the third year running, GCSE results that place us in the top 10% of the country and 100% success rates across the majority of our vocational programmes. If you are in year 11, I would encourage you to visit us on the ninth to take a look at how Yeovil College can boost your career.” Katherine Bolton, Head of Communications and Marketing, said: “We have just had our most successful year at Yeovil College so we are expecting a large number of visitors to the College, all hoping to secure their space. Last year we saw around 2,000 visitors attend this event. I urge you to get in early, talk to the staff, meet the team and ask as many questions as you can. And if you get the opportunity, join in with the taster sessions – we’ve added three new sessions in Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy and Hospitality and Catering.”

For further information and to secure your space at the Yeovil College Information Evening on 9 October, visit our website

<![CDATA[Pigeons Get New Yeovil Local Radio Station off to Flying Start!]]> On Thursday 27 September, a new local radio station, Radio Ninesprings 104.5fm, will open in Yeovil. The launch will take place at The Manor Hotel, Hendford, Yeovil BA20 1TG, at 12 noon.  Local businesses, councillors, charities, Yeovil Mayor, and members of Yeovil Town FC will attend. The Military Wives Choir will perform songs from their new CD commemorating the centenary since the end of WW1.

Yeovil MP, Marcus Fysh, will open the radio station at 1 pm by releasing 10 pigeons carrying a message that Radio Ninesprings 104.5fm has launched. The pigeons will fly to the main towns of South Somerset - Chard, Langport, Crewkerne, Somerton, and Wincanton - where the news about Radio Ninesprings 104.5fm will be 'proclaimed' by local Town Criers.

<![CDATA[Battens Honours the Work of Residential Specialist Through Key Promotion]]>

Battens Solicitors, one of the South West’s largest law firms, is celebrating the achievements of one of its residential property specialists, Sarah Ford. In recognition of her dedication to her clients and to Battens, and of the key role she played in establishing the firm's office in Wareham, Sarah has been promoted from associate to senior associate.

Sarah originally joined Battens as a trainee solicitor and qualified in 2011. She has since worked as a conveyancing solicitor managing property sales and purchases, remortgages, equity releases and park homes. In 2015, Battens began hosting weekly legal clinics in Wareham which grew so popular, a permanent office was established there two years later; and Sarah was one of the solicitors credited with cementing its success.

Jill Cochrane, Head of Residential Property at Battens Solicitors said: “Sarah has been a great asset to the Residential Property team and, with colleagues, has been instrumental in the success of the Wareham office. I am delighted to announce her promotion.” Sarah said: “It is very rewarding to be recognised for all my hard work and everything that I have achieved for the firm, particularly in opening the Wareham office and making it a success. I am looking forward to working more with my Wareham clients and helping them with their property negotiations.”

Battens Solicitors Established over 300 years ago, Battens Solicitors is a full-service, top 500 legal firm and one of the largest in the South West. It employs more than 150 staff in six regional offices across Yeovil, Sherborne, Dorchester, Castle Cary, Bath and London, and has specific expertise across all legal sectors including commercial and residential property, private client, family law, agriculture, planning, and company commercial law.

<![CDATA[New local radio station for Yeovil and South Somerset soon to launch]]> Radio Ninesprings - a new local radio station for Yeovil and South Somerset – has begun test transmissions on 104.5 fm and will launch full-time 10 am, 30th Sept.

Radio Ninesprings will be heard on 104.5 fm across Yeovil and South Somerset, parts of West Dorset, Sedgemoor, Mendip and towards Taunton with an available audience of 180,000. Playing music to suit all tastes, Radio Ninesprings will have at its heart local news and local information and discussion about local issues.

Advertising packages on Radio Ninesprings start from as little as £10 per week? To discuss, please call: Steve Haigh 01935 319000 or 07836246678. website (temporary): twitter: @radio9springs facebook: @radioninesprings studio address:: Top floor Waterloo House Waterloo Lane Yeovil BA20 1TF

Radio Ninesprings is a company limited by guarantee: 8488902 and registered charity: 1168243 “The charitable purposes of Radio Ninesprings are to advance the educational and training of the inhabitants of Yeovil and district of South Somerset in radio production, broadcasting and media skills techniques”

<![CDATA[YEOVIL COLLEGE AMBASSADOR COMPLETES 94 MARATHONS]]> Yeovil College Ambassador, Brendan Rendall, has completed an epic challenge over the past two months, running 94 marathons in less than 100 days from Namibia to Mozambique. The feat of running the width of Africa ‘4000km or 2474 miles’ was taken on by Brendan to support a charity close to his heart.

The aim was to raise £75,000 to build vital accommodation for vulnerable orphans at the 'Friends of Mulanje Orphans' (FOMO) secondary school in Malawi. The Yeovil College Ambassadors’ latest adventure was the most challenging, inspiring and mind boggling to date. Brendan set out on his journey with a true hero’s send-off back in May from Yeovil College and has since been running on average 25 miles a day; yes that’s almost a marathon a day! Some days he achieved a mammoth 33 miles per day. Shortly after landing on the coast of Africa Brendan and his trusty Yeovil College mascot Benny Bear (pictured) wasted no time at all and began the run. Brendan only finished a few days behind schedule, despite being ill with parasite infections, combating sandstorms, battling with extreme temperatures and even having to deal with a few wild animals! Contrary to popular belief Brendan wasn’t always a running machine.

Brendan was born and raised in Somerset, attending Yeovil College, studying Leisure and Tourism and King Arthur’s Community College in Wincanton. He recognises that his very own journey started here in Yeovil and he is determined to give something back and to inspire the next generation. Delivering motivational speeches to students and most recently being selected to stand alongside Paula Radcliffe at The National Running Show, January 2019, he is determined to spread his message across the UK and beyond. Over the years, Brendan has transformed his life beyond recognition, giving up his job and selling his possessions and home to support his life-long ambition to improve the well-being of others and make an international life changing difference. He has undergone many charity challenges to raise money for Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO) which supports 3,500 orphans in South Malawi and now has completed the most impressive challenge yet. John Evans, Principal of Yeovil College, said “Brendan is everything we try to instil within our students – determination, hardworking, motivation and caring - which is why I am overwhelmed to have him as a Yeovil College Ambassador! Brendan has the upmost respect from both me and the College community for what he has achieved; he is a true inspiration to many of our students. This is a perfect start to the new academic year for us all.

Over the past couple of months, Yeovil College has achieved some incredible successes; 100% A Level pass rate, ‘Top Performing College’ in Somerset and students securing spaces at Oxford University, the University of St Andrews and the Royal Veterinary College, to name but a few. We are less than two weeks into the new academic year and have already achieved record enrolment figures, meaning we have more students than ever before resulting in additional classes being timetables, and now Brendan has achieved beyond all expectation and imagination. Huge congratulations to Brendan. Everyone from the College is extremely proud of you.” Brendan Rendall, said: “It was my first time visiting many of these countries and the stunning landscapes took my breath away, but the most remarkable part of the journey was definitely the kindness and generosity of the people I met along the way – this was extremely overwhelming. Strangers invited me to stay in their homes, fixed my equipment and welcomed me to their family dinner tables – I own these people a debt of gratitude that I will never be able to repay.” Brendan will be delivering a motivational talk to current Yeovil College students in the coming months about his incredible journey so far and will be announcing his next challenge