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09th Feb 2015
Yeovil Chamber 2015 AGM



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By becoming a member of the Chamber, you will become an active partner in a vital pro-active business community - and a stakeholder in an organisation vigorously representing business interests

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It's always good to connect with local business and the Yeovil Chamber events allow us to do this very cost effectively. We also value being kept in touch with local issues.

Tim Howes

Welcome to the Yeovil Chamber of Trade & Commerce

Whether you are a member or not, this site is packed with information for you.

The Chamber's objective is not only to be highly active for its members, we also aim to be a real force for positive change on behalf of the whole community. Our support for vital projects like the Yeovil Vision is a good example of this policy.

Recently Chamber has continued to promote and defend the Town Centre.  We had a Local Action Group meeting where we discussed issues at the bottom of the Town. The Western Gazette has reported on the investment issue for the bottom of Town and also the current parking charges acting as a barrer to trade in the Town.

Local Government is listening and it is gratifying to see that they have no plans to increase parking charges or inroduce Sunday charging.  They have also committed to having a conversation on the short term parking charges and we look forward to this in the near future.

Meanwhile, it is down to us to do what we can with those who are listening, so if you want change - get involved! 

If you are impressed by what you see on this site and want to join us, click below for more information. We will do everything we can to meet your challenge.