Yeovil Business Awards 2015

Business Association & Networking Group Winner 2015


Outstanding Contribution by an Individual (Jason Livingstone)

DavidThe President's Heartbeat Message

I met with Marcus Fysh MP on the 17th July. Most of our discussion focused on superfast broadband roll-out, and the setting of business rates; both of which require rapid action from central government and are critical issues for some of our members. We also spoke about town centre car parking tariffs and the big-picture future of Yeovil. Marcus and I believe that Yeovil is on the cusp of regaining it’s status as a major regional centre, but there is still a lot of work and change required to harness a fully inclusive joined-up-thinking approach to the town. Yeovil Chamber as a body is politically neutral, and I am optimistic that Marcus’s words will materialise into tangible support for the business community. For the many people that ask me; Marcus explained that the reason for his apparent absence from Yeovil is that the Tory whips currently keep as many of their MPs in the House from Monday-Thursday, to maximise voting power for debates. This leaves Marcus available for business in Yeovil from Friday to Sunday. Also, his wife is expecting a baby on 25 July, so life is pretty hectic for Marcus. Marcus has asked me to say that if any Chamber members have any issues, to email him at

At our thoroughly enjoyable and productive 16 July alfresco summer hog-roast lunch, at Montacute, I briefed the 34 delegates on the wind of positive change that is blowing through Chamber. Yeovil Chamber has a unique role within the business community, and a responsibility to deliver tangible benefits and support to our members. Most of the hard work has been completed, and the new-look Yeovil Chamber has arrived to stay. if you haven’t noticed the changes, have a look around the website...

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DID YOU KNOW membership of Yeovil Chamber starts from as little as £53 per year? Networking opportunities with over 120 local businesses of all sizes and from all sectors of industry & commerce; PLUS business support via an unrivalled network of connections with local, regional and national government figureheads. This dual support role makes Yeovil Chamber unique amongst local networking groups. Yeovil Chamber; the BIG voice for you and your business community.

David Woan - President

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Welcome to the Website of Yeovil Chamber of Trade & Commerce

Yeovil Chamber is the BIG voice for business and commerce for local, regional, and national issues; actively promoting new opportunities for our members, and the wider business community.

To keep members informed and empowered, our Executive Committee regularly engage with other stakeholders such as Yeovil Town Council, South Somerset District Council, Somerset County Council, Avon & Somerset Police, the Western Gazette, and our Member of Parliament.  Yeovil Chamber is also a board member of Yeovil Town Team.

We will continue to lobby all the way up to central Government to bring about much-needed change to the unfair and distorted delivery of business rates.  High business rates continue to be a major cause of empty shops in Yeovil town centre.

Despite Government commitment, provision for superfast broadband remains patchy in and around the Yeovil area, and we will continue to fight for full rural and urban coverage in the Yeovil area.  Broadband is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity.

We continue to work with South Somerset District Council, to encourage delivery of a flexible and commercial approach to town centre car parking facilities and rates.

Our ongoing work with Avon & Somerset Police has put more officers on the beat, to reduce crime in Yeovil town centre.

We also offer a variety of regular events to entertain, inform, and promote high-quality, informal networking opportunities, and a variety of discounted rates when engaging the services of other member businesses.

Whether you are a one-person enterprise or a large employer, membership of Yeovil Chamber can make a difference!