Digital Hub - June 2024


The tech event for non-techies

Digital Hub is one of many ‘sectors-specific hubs’ created by Yeovil Chamber, to help support, educate, and grow the sector. You don’t need to be a tech or digital business to attend, nor do you need to be a Yeovil Chamber member.

Yeovil Chambers Digital Hub has joined forces with the county-wide Digital Somerset CIC, in an attempt to share knowledge, education, and network between businesses, helping join the digital dots across the county. Yeovil Chamber’s reach is actually much wider than just Somerset boundaries, so like with all other hubs our members and area of focus covers South Somerset, West Dorset, and beyond. But there are no geographical restrictions to be a part of the Digital Hub. We don’t mind if you are from Bristol, Bath, Taunton, or a neighbour from Sherborne. Everyone is welcome.

Short video of attendees being interviewed at one of the Digital Hub events

Being interested in digital means being a part of the wider ‘Tech’ sector. Therefore, both Digital Hub and Digital Somerset are connected to the tech cluster for the South West of England, known as:

"useful technology made simple"



Definitely not. Digital Hub is a tech event for non-techies.

'Digital' spans multiple sectors. We welcome IT & Web Agencies as much as Construction & Aerospace.

If you are in tech and digital and want to network with peers – great, you are welcome. If you are a law firm that wants to upskill the business or improve your digital presence and simply want to learn more – great, you are also very welcome.

NOTE: Students can attend for free - please use voucher code "student" at check-out





Located at - iAero Centre Yeovil, Bunford Lane, Yeovil, Somerset BA20 2EJ

• Thursday 29th Feb 2024

Wednesday 24th April 2024

• Wednesday 19th June 2024

• Thursday5th September 2024

• Thursday 31st October2024

• Thursday 5th December 2024




*In partnership with the Digital Somerset group
















Pizza!  Probably the most important consideration is that there will be pizza available.

The format may change a little on each event depending on the subject matter.

A rough agenda for this event is as follows: 

  • 18:00 – Arrival and networking whilst eating pizza
  • 18:30 – Welcome & intro
  • 18:45 – Key Presentation with Q&A session  
  • 19:20 - Spotlight Focus - Local tech business
  • 19:30 - Coffee & Pizza break
  • 19:40 - 2nd Key Presentation with Q&A
  • 20:15 - Industry update - Uk & Global Tech news + local community tech news 
  • 20:45 - Networking and eating leftover pizza - the perfect end to your evening


Join us for a crucial discussion that aims to boost your business's cyber security. In this session, our expert, Adam Pilton from Cyber Smart, will delve into the various cyber threats that businesses face today, from phishing scams to other security vulnerabilities. He'll pay special attention to the critical role that passwords play in safeguarding small businesses.Cyber Smart

Discover effective strategies to create and manage secure passwords, learn why password complexity and regular updates can significantly reduce your risk, and gain practical advice on implementing a strong password policy to protect your vital business data.

This session at the Digital Hub promises to be not only informative but also interactive, featuring an online survey to engage participants and personalise your learning experience. Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, understanding these essentials of password security is key to defending your business against cyber threats.

Adam Pilton

 "I simplify Cyber: Plain talk, clear ideas"

Having worked within cyber since 2016 across various roles, Adam has a broad understanding of cyber security, from the impact of cyber crime upon individuals and businesses to the need to convey the right messages to senior leaders and end users, ensuring engagement and support.

He has investigated cyber crime, identifying offenders and prosecuting them, been a subject matter expert in multiple areas for an organisation of over two thousand people, holding responsibility for training in that organisation and utilising my communication skills to simplify the complex.

Interesting facts about passwords for small businesses in the UK:

  • High Risk of Breaches: 65% of small businesses have reported experiencing a cyber breach, primarily due to weak password security.
  • Password Reuse: Over 79% of small business employees reuse passwords across multiple business and personal accounts, increasing vulnerability.
  • Update Frequency: Less than 10% of small businesses enforce regular password changes, leaving outdated and potentially compromised passwords in use for too long.

Other main presentation 

Digital Link

Connecting you to the latest advice, guidance, tools and resources, our Digital Link service can give you what you need to unlock your digital potential and help you to grow your business by exploiting digital technologies.

Our Digital Business Connector can help you easily access free digital support that’s available to small businesses in Devon, Somerset, Plymouth and Torbay.












About Digital Link

Digital Link delivers a range of support aimed at addressing the lack of continuity across digital support programmes by raising awareness, knowledge and understanding of digital options and by connecting businesses to digital support schemes.​ The Digital Link service is fully funded under the Local Growth Fund for the Heart of the South West area. Somerset Council is the Accountable Body. The Digital Link service is managed and delivered by Devon County Council.

Free Digital Guides

  • ‘Business Guide to Social Media‘ 
  • ‘Small Business Owners Guide to using Chat GPT for your Marketing‘
  • ‘Digital Information Pack‘ 
  • ‘Small Business Guide to Instagram’
  • ‘Small Business Guide to Facebook’


What else will be discussed at this event?

AI will be a continuous feature of all the events. Who, how, and what is AI being used for, along with interactive sessions where you will have live demonstrations. The application of AI is missing from most nontech businesses, so we hope to bring you a basic understanding allowing you to learn how it may apply to your business & industry sector.  


We will have live demonstrations of Chat GPT, how to use it, and what prompts work best. By the end of this session, you will know where to go and how to use chat GPT for your business. There also be updates, tips, advice, and live demos on Microsoft CoPilot and its various features.

You will leave this event smarter than you arrived...that's our promise 

Here is a video example of a tech update looking at Microsoft and AI


There will be a section on Tech Tips, with a quick-fire round of useful tips within common systems such as Office 365, iPhone, Mac's, Chat GPT etc. 












Here is an example of some of the tips and advice you will receive - this one is new app's to explore

We will also round up all the relevant UK and global tech news over the last couple of months. Ending with a quickfire 60-second update from any local Tech businesses that wants to share their industry-related updates.   












If you are a local tech business and would like to present in the 'Spotlight' feature please contact the team:


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Digital Hub - June 2024