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18th January 2019

It is now two and half years since the referendum and we appear to be no further forward.  Whatever your political persuasion, the 15th January vote signified a fundamental lack of leadership on...read more


David Woan - President, Yeovil Chamber

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The Brexit process and outcome affects individual businesses in unique ways, but the longer the process drags on, the greater the level of frustration experienced and expressed by the business sector, which just want to “get on with business.”

There is no one-size fits all solution, whichever direction the UK eventually chooses to go.  Therefore, it is vital to seek out appropriate guidance, on any changes you need to make to your business activities and processes.  It is also critical that open communication exists in your business to ensure everyone knows what is or may be required, from whichever scenario prevails.

To ensure you, your business and your employees are as prepared as they can be for the change and the opportunity which will ultimately arise, Yeovil Chamber is offering wider support from our County and National Chambers of Commerce.  Somerset Chamber of Commerce provides a regional standpoint, feeding into the British Chambers of Commerce, which has a powerful lobby at the heart of central Government.  Please click the links below to find out what YOUR business needs to do to prepare for change...whatever shape that may take.

British Chamber of Commerce Brexit Guide 

Somerset Chamber of Commerce Brexit Guide

The UK business sector has a global reputation for resilience and pragmatism.  This quality has never been more relevant and tested to its limits than during this extended period of uncertainty, and will endure when the way forward is known.  However; until any new trade rules are established, businesses can only proceed under the current rules.

Do not ignore Brexit just because you are tired of political in-fighting and irresponsible media coverage.  Please visit these guidance portals, which provide step-by-step, business focused guidance.  Brexit will create opportunity, but equally, there will be logistical and administrative change and challenges, whichever way we go.

If you have any further questions, email president@yeovilchamber.org

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