Our Net Zero activities

Yeovil Chamber of Commerce is committed to working towards Net Zero targets and we are actively trying to incorporate these principles into our activities.

Here are some of the things we are doing:

  • All our volunteers use their own computers and are able to work from home or their normal offices.
  • We will use venues that are actively working with Net Zero in mind wherever possible whilst still endeavouring to share our activities around the region.
  • We will use local suppliers (within 5 miles of Yeovil) wherever possible to reduce miles travelled.
  • We hold meetings online to reduce the need for travelling.
  • We encourage the used of public transport by choosing venues on bus and rail routes whenever possible.
  • We have scrapped name badges at all our events.
  • We have reduced printed letter and membership certificates, communicating via social media, website and emails.  When we do have to print something we used recyclable printer cartridges and recycled paper.
  • Our roller banners are PVC free.
  • We have undertaken Net Zero training and support Somerset Council Net Zero initiatives.

This list is not exhaustive and we will continue to add to it as we move further down our Net Zero path.  If you would like to find out more about how your company could be more Net Zero please contact sophie.parkhouse@albertgoodman.co.uk or visit https://www.somerset.gov.uk/environment-and-food-safety/climate-and-ecological-emergency/somersets-climate-emergency-strategy/