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What is the Hospitality Hub?  

  • A Yeovil Chamber initiative run exclusively by, and for, hospitality and catering businesses across Yeovil and the South Somerset and West Dorset area.
  • A close network of restaurants, cafes, public houses and catering businesses; sharing best practice, facilitating shared learnings, and creating supply-chain and business support opportunities for all participants.

Hospitality Hub's Mission Statement 

"Bringing together local hospitalitybusinesses for shared learning, supply chain opportunities, and business support. With the purpose of increasing standards and growing footfall for the whole the industry in and around the Yeovil area."


The Hospitality Hub, a subsidiary of the Yeovil Chamber, is committed to serving businesses and professionals within the hospitality sector. In response to the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality, our purpose is to facilitate growth, enhance regulatory compliance, foster staff attraction and retention, and provide essential support for sustainable future growth. This purpose document outlines the key aims and objectives of the Hospitality Hub.


The mission of the Hospitality Hub is to empower businesses and individuals in the hospitality sector to thrive amidst changing regulations, improve their capacity for staff attraction and retention, and provide essential support for sustainable future growth. We aim to be the foremost resource and community for those dedicated to hospitality excellence within the Yeovil region.

Aims and Objectives

1. Regulatory Compliance

Aim: To assist hospitality businesses in navigating and complying with changing regulations, ensuring high-quality services while minimizing legal risks.


  • Conduct regular seminars, workshops, and webinars to educate businesses about the latest regulatory updates and best practices.
  • Provide access to expert consultants who can offer guidance on compliance-related matters.
  • Foster a collaborative network for sharing compliance strategies and resources among members.

2. Staff Attraction and Retention

Aim: To address the challenges of staff recruitment and retention within the hospitality sector and promote it as a rewarding career choice.


  • Develop and promote programs that highlight the value and rewards of working in the hospitality sector.
  • Offer resources and tools to help businesses attract and retain a skilled and dedicated workforce.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities between employers and potential employees.

3. Support for Future Growth

Aim: To support the sustainable growth of hospitality businesses by providing access to resources, mentorship, and opportunities for collaboration.


  • Create a repository of resources, including business growth guides, funding opportunities, and market insights.
  • Establish mentorship programs connecting experienced hospitality professionals with emerging entrepreneurs.
  • Encourage collaboration among members through forums, events, and partnerships.


The Hospitality Hub is committed to upholding the following values in all its activities:

Excellence: We strive for excellence in all aspects of hospitality, promoting the highest standards of quality and service.

Inclusivity: We embrace diversity and inclusivity, fostering a welcoming environment for all hospitality businesses and workers.

Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration and actively promote cooperation among our members for mutual benefit.

Innovation: We encourage innovation in the hospitality sector to drive improvements in service delivery, efficiency, and sustainability.

Ethical Practices: We uphold ethical business practices, transparency, and accountability in all our interactions.


The Hospitality Hub, an integral part of the Yeovil Chamber, is dedicated to championing the interests of hospitality businesses and professionals. By facilitating regulatory compliance, enhancing staff attraction and retention, and supporting future growth, we aim to contribute to the vitality and success of the hospitality sector within the Yeovil community. Together, we can create a thriving hospitality ecosystem that benefits both businesses and the individuals they serve.

How can Yeovil Chamber help?

Yeovil Chamber will act as oversight for the group.  The benefits of the Hospitality Hub:

  • Open dialogue and networking amongst your sector colleagues;
  • Share and promote best practice;
  • Share and assist with sector operational challenges;
  • Deliver supply-chain development and other work and wider business support opportunities;

How will membership of the Hospitality Hub deliver benefits?

  • Regular round-table meetings to discuss sector-specific issues for action;
  • Regular communications to all participating members;
  • Support from Yeovil Chamber via extensive working relationships with local government officers and other key stakeholders in the wider business sector;
  • In-group expert advice from the participating members.
  • Invited guest speakers from business support groups (e.g local authority, legals, finance, funding and training)

Do I need to join Yeovil Chamber?

Whilst there is currently no charge to be part of the Hospitality Hub, nor is there any compulsion to become a member of Yeovil Chamber, there are several additional benefits from membership of Yeovil Chamber.  Yeovil Chamber delivers access to the big-picture and wider business support, via an unrivalled network of like-minded business people from businesses of all sizes and sectors.

  • Real-time, tailored business support, via insight from our unrivalled and unique network of working relationships with local government and strategic stakeholders extending out from Yeovil into South Somerset and North Dorset;
  • Regular networking events allow you to meet and discuss wider business issues with other like-minded people from across the business, professional and commercial sector;
  • Broadcast your good news stories and promote your events and workshops, to over 2,000 other local and regional businesses, via web and social media channels;
  • Regular communications and bulletins keep members informed and give you a big say on economic developments, planning, and issues which affect all businesses across the Yeovil area.

Hospitality Hub Members