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Fraud-Buster: Fraud Safety Webinar suitable for everyone.

A fraud safety webinar for everyone seeking to gain knowledge and stay safe from frauds. 

About this event 

This webinar will be hosted by Ashley Jones, who is the Regional Fraud Protect Advisor with the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit. 

The 45-minute session will cover the current dangers caused by fraud in the UK and will discuss the most common frauds encountered at the present time, before rounding-off with the 'Golden Rules' to avoid fraud in daily life. 

This session has been created for any person who may seek to raise their general awareness of the current fraud landscape, while enhancing their understanding of the way many frauds work to help them avoid fraud in the future. 

Those attending this session should feel more confident in their understanding of fraud in daily life, as well as knowing how to spot potential financial abuse situations and what to do if they encounter such a situation in their lives. 

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United Kingdom
BA22 8RN
Start Date:
24th May 2022 at 10:00
End Date:
24th May 2022 at 11:30
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Fraud-Buster: Fraud Safety Webinar suitable for everyone.