My accountant says I'm profitable - so why don't I have any cash?

Ever wondered why, despite being told you're profitable, your bank account doesn't reflect it? Join us on LinkedIn Live for a deep dive into this confusing scenario hosted by Linda Carrington and featuring the insights of our expert, Graham Potts.

LinkedIn Live 

Graham will unravel the mysteries behind the profit-cash disparity, shedding light on the common challenges many small businesses face. From the timing of income and expenses to the impact of investments on cash flow, he'll break down complex financial concepts into practical, actionable advice.

Don't miss this chance to boost your financial literacy and learn ways to increase cash flow in your business. Plus, mark your calendars for our next webinar on January 8th, where we'll explore the importance of understanding your Profit & Loss Account and key profit drivers.

To get a head start, contact Graham for a free 1-2-1 conversation. Email and let's work on your business results together.

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4th Dec 2023 at 12:30
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4th Dec 2023 at 13:00
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My accountant says I'm profitable - so why don't I have any cash?