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Training workshop - Breaking the silence

Breaking the silence – Domestic abuse is everybody's business at work

This training workshop is supported by a grant from Somerset County Council, offering all members the opportunity to attend free-of-charge.

Thousands of working hours are lost every year to domestic abuse. The statistics are shocking ? worldwide, one in three women experience domestic violence in their lifetime and two women are killed each week by a current or former partner in England.

It's not just women who are the victims of domestic abuse. According to the Office for National Statistics one in three victims of domestic violence are men, with just over a quarter of all abuse crimes reported by police being committed against men by their partners, husbands or wives.

This event will be aimed at business owners to learn more about how domestic abuse affects anyone. Attendees will learn how to identify potential victims of abuse in the workplace and how to help and support them.

Imagine if your employee's place of work was the ONLY place they felt truly safe, then something you, as their employer, said or did left them feeling scared and insecure.

As an employer it's important to make your team feel safe in the workplace, as a colleague it's important to make your co-workers feel safe in your presence.

Domestic abuse is indiscriminate in who it targets. It is likely that you or someone in your work place has experienced domestic abuse. Most victims don't talk about it. Instead, they carry the fear and shame of being found out, this leads to sick leave, lack of productivity and fear of losing their job, that is, if they don't quit first.

Lack of understanding of how domestic abuse affects the workplace is a drain on your bottom line. Look after your staff, make them feel safe and secure and they'll deliver a great return on your investment.

In this workshop you'll learn to recognise the signs and symptoms of domestic abuse, how to support your team and how to help them rebuild. Recognise them as a valued member of the team and you'll benefit from increased productivity, fewer sick days, a happier working environment and a healthier bottom line.

Presented by relationships expert Deb Morgan, attendees will be able to recognise what constitutes domestic abuse and identify potential signs that abuse is taking place.

They will learn the cycle of abuse to enable them to identify patterns, and they'll learn simple steps that can be implemented immediately to protect their workforce. They will also learn how to create, strong, healthy and robust relationships in the workplace making the work environment a safe place for all and modelling strong, healthy and robust relationships to others.

The topics that will be covered will be:

*What is Domestic abuse?

*How do I know someone is being abused?

*The cycle of abuse

*How to protect domestic abuse victims and survivors in the workplace

*Creating strong, healthy, and robust relationships in the workplace

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Somerset Chamber of Commerce Ltd
Equity House
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Start Date:
31st May 2022 at 09:30
End Date:
31st May 2022 at 13:30
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Training workshop - Breaking the silence