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Eco Friendly Ceres

Released On 29th Oct 2018

Eco-friendly Products.  As a healthfoods shop we try to be aware of the world we live in and recognise that we should all play our part in being environmentally friendly. We do this by selling products that are recyclable, natural, against animal testing, vegan and plastic free. This is especially the case in our Household cleaning section, in fact, all of the cleaning products we sell are eco-friendly products and contain natural ingredients. We stock products from Bio-D, Eco-over, Greenscents, Bio-nature and many more.

Bio-degradable plastic. Our own label product packaging is bio-degradable plastic, this helps us take an extra step to being eco-friendly. Bio-degradable plastics are plastics that should be compostable rather than landfill, as micro-organisms metabolise the plastic and break it down into water, carbon dioxide (CO²) and bio-material. The process requires a good temperature, humidity and naturally occurring bacteria which is not found in landfill. Bio-degradable plastics are plastics that can be broken down into water, carbon dioxide and bio-material. Bio-plastics are far more eco-friendly than the alternative plastics as they do not contain carbon, methane and other pollutants, so when broken down, they won’t release harmful gases into our atmosphere. There is some debate about the traces of metal that are found in some bio-plastics that when broken down can cause harm to the environment, however, there is little evidence to support this or show any significant impact to the environment.

Solar-panels.  We have a number of solar panels on our roof that helps generate our own electric. Our solar panel monitor which can be found in our right window display shows us how much electric we are producing, not only promoting renewable energy but reducing consumption from the national grid.

Bio-D refillable station.  At the back of our shop we have 4 Bio-D refill stations;•Laundry Liquid •Toilet Cleaner •Washing-up Liquid •Fabric softener This helps our customers be more environmentally friendly by reusing their plastic bottles.

Recycling.  Here at Ceres we try to recycle as much as we can. Most of our plastic bubble wrap gets reused or donated to charities. We recycle our paper and cardboard. We also accept our glass supplement bottles for recycling and give 25p per Viridian bottle given back to us. We also store and give back our Styrofoam chips and Protective foam nets. Tinkers Bubble and our local honey suppliers also take back any glass bottles to reuse.