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Released On 1st Nov 2019

Yeovil College celebrated the recent achievements of their University Centre Graduates with a formal ceremony at Westlands Entertainment Venue, Yeovil on Friday 25 October.

This year also saw a husband and wife graduate together, with the same qualification and same employer. Studying the Diploma in Education and Training at the Yeovil College University Centre, Paul and Kerrie Homewood have supported one another through periods of studying, night classes and assignment deadlines. However, they succeeded and last Friday they had that incredible moment of celebrating together in front of their families. Kerrie, who is a Study Programme Manager in Social Work at Yeovil College, said: “The journey has not been an easy one but it has been a unique experience having one another as the perfect study partner. Not many people can say they graduated on the same day as their partner, and for that reason it will always remain an extra special day to us.” Paul, a Lecturer in Motor Vehicle at Yeovil College, said: “It was great to have someone close to me on the very same course as we became study partners and could help each other when it came to assignments and exams. Even if at times we were slightly competitive over who could get the best marks or finish first!”

Friends, family and special guests including guest speaker Marcus Fysh MP, the Mayor of Yeovil David Recardo and various other local councillors joined together to watch the students graduate from a wide range of different qualifications including Honours Degrees, Foundation Degrees, Diplomas, Professional Certificates and Postgraduate qualifications. There was an abundance of subjects represented including Media, Business & Management, Health Care and Early Years, English and a variety of branches within Engineering.

The two student speakers Clare Johnston and David Dummackin gave inspirational speeches about their personal journeys throughout their time studying at the Yeovil College University Centre. David Dummackin, graduate in Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Childhood Studies, Care and Education from the University of Gloucestershire (studying locally), and 2019 award winner said: “Due to the outstanding teaching, I now feel confident enough to take on a masters which last year I would never have done! Sometimes personal struggles occur within a year and for me it’s been a really challenging couple of years: mental health problems, illnesses, full-time work being a husband and father and struggling to fit everything in. The thing you realise when you do speak is its very common and the support out there is excellent and people really do help you. This year I had the support of so many people: family, college, peers and professionals because I spoke to someone; it’s ok to not be ok. Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you will be successful, find what you love, do it every day and make a difference.”

CEO and Principal Mark Bolton said: “We believe that the right university-level education opens doors and changes lives. We work tirelessly with our local business community to ensure what we deliver, and how and when we deliver it, hits the mark to create a more capable and prosperous community for the benefit of all. We see our graduates secure their dream jobs and careers every year, inspiring us and their peers to be the best we can; I love what it does for our learners.”

Peter Thomas, Chair of the Yeovil College Corporation “The stars of the show get the headlines and they deserve to, but they couldn't do it without all the support, knowledge, faith and love of others. Graduates you are the stars of today's show. Yeovil College exists so that students can succeed. That is not only its primary purpose; it is its only purpose.”

The ceremony ended with 4 special awards, these were handed out to 4 individuals who had excelled in their field of study and went above and beyond to achieve their qualification: - The Wayne Minter Award for Excellence: Ashley Crowdie - The Outstanding Trainee Teacher Award: Brian Lee - The Harry Livingstone Award for Management Excellence: Louise Veiga - Yeovil College University Centre Outstanding Achievement Award: David Dummackin

100% of mature students agreed that their course at Yeovil College has challenged them to achieve their best work’ and 99% of students feel that Yeovil College is a safe place to learn.

Full list of Yeovil College University Centre Graduates: Jessica Chamberlain, Harry Hawkins, Ellie Hinds, Clare Johnston, Adam Kember, Robert Lydford, Steven Oliver, Katy Peck, Louise Veiga, Gregory Wright, Merryn Chestney Perkins, Charlotte Cole, Amy Cooper, David Dummackin, Jasmine Forster, Molly Foster-Grellis, Rebecca Garrod, Hannah Jeffery, Sylwia Kersley, Kennedy McCarthy, Jade Sealy, Catherine Whitehead, Laura Yeomans, Matthew Fisher, Antonia Villafane, Caroline Manson, Warren Aplin, Gemma Bonning, Georgina Brooks, Suzanna Coleman, Alison Enticott, Keith Howe, Dawn Howell, Rachael Lark, Gemma Lawrence, Karen Paxton, Catherine Pennells, Susan Read, Jamie Shurmer, Jonathan Staple, Raymond Tostevin, Matthew Wilkinson, Leeza Willcox, Jennie Workman, Danielle Damen, Louise Dowding, Bethany Gore, Amanda Horne, Andrew Morgan, Katelan Hathaway, Charlotte Norton, Emma Swithenbank, Yung Fun Tsang, Sandrine Bennett, Laura Collis, Chloe Griffiths, Paul Homewood, Paula Judge, Brian Lee, Leah O'Brien, Elly Otieno, Kerrie Robertson, Karen Savill, David Smith, Amanda Winnall, Sam Day, Carol Hosking, Paula Golding, Samantha Oak, Jacqueline Wayland, Angela Brooker, Nicky David, Fiona Rigby, Yasmin Denne, Naomi Astington, Charlotte Beale, Georgina-May Boyer, Callum Buckler, Emma Cable, Megan Cass, Charlie Dymock, Ruken Isiktas, Sarah Lebese, Beth Margrett, Holly Meaden, Jane Painter, Ella Pittard, Rochelle Roberts, Emily Rose, Kirsteen Shawdale-Mabon, Naomi Simmons, Sophie Speed, Abigail Strong, Tiffany Thompson, Rhiannon Walls, Danielle White, Curtis Coulson, Krystina Harbor, Sophie Middleditch, Caleb Munks, Jack Surmon, Benjamin Tizzard, Rachel Willcox, Abdullah Alomran, Christopher Gaylard, Victoria Phylosofou, Elle Westwood, Nikita Lester, Emma Stryker, Rhys Tucker, Benjamin Dew, Alan Lovell, Liam Mortimore, Luke Murphy, Jack Naughton, Jacob Ollis, Paul Richardson, Jake Tatchell, Hubert Wisniewski, Lauren Calway, Ben Card, Matthew Johnson, Jake Lamb, Harry Minchington, Savannah Studley, Joe Taylor, Ryan Cox, Charlie Watkins, Henry White, Gabriella Ball, Courtney Appleby, Christopher Garnett, Jessica Jeffery, Joseph Kember, Holly Reeves, Ashley Crowdie, Matthew Baghurst, Sarah Harvey, Jade Legg, Thomas Woods