Do You Have A Power Of Attorney?

Do You Have A Power Of Attorney?

Released On 1st Nov 2023

Do you have a Power of Attorney? It’s a crucial financial protection, possibly more important than a will. 

Sam Backler of Battens Solicitors explains why an LPA  can be so crucial.

"Sadly no one can predict what sort of care or support they may need in the future. If we each had a crystal ball that could give us some hint as to the way of the world it would certainly make our lives easier. Lasting Powers of Attorney (“LPA”) are very much like an insurance policy. Whenever I do them for my clients, in a way I wish that they are never actually required. An LPA grants authority to your attorney(s) to step into your shoes and assist you where required."

There may come a time when you're unable to make decisions for yourself, perhaps due to conditions like dementia. In such moments, having a Lasting Power of Attorney in place becomes essential. It ensures that crucial decisions are made on your behalf. By designating someone to act on your behalf, your wishes can be upheld throughout your life, regardless of your mental or physical condition.

However, the idea of entrusting someone with such authority can be a daunting prospect. Concerns may arise about potential drawbacks and the level of control another person may have over your well-being.

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